What is an 'EEP!' ?

The EEP! is a Designer Art Toy figures, that are a 2D in design but 3D in shape!

The history of the EEP! is unknown but what we do know is that they are found in the depths of the earth. When they are awoken from their slumber they crack from their relic outer shells and become black and white!

They come in all shapes and sizes but the ones we have discovered are Micro (1.5cm), Mini (3cm), Normal (6cm), Lorge (12cm) and the newly discovered MEGA! (24cm).

What are they made from?

The figures are all made from 3D Printed Resin. This is a delicate material so make sure not to drop it, otherwise it will shatter.

The paints used are Acrylics, Oil washes and Spray paint.

What is a Bold Raccoon?

tbh not sure really, was actually a minecraft username, combining rocket raccoon with a adjective.