Products that I use make a EEP! Figure

Ever wondered what products I use to create the EEPs? Probably not, but here they are anyway...

Hopefully this is of use to someone.

  • System3 Acrylic Ink

    Primarily to mix with other paints to get a more fluid body and also to bring a opaque finish to the paint.

    Great Ink as they are all opaque.

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  • Amsterdam Acrylic

    Main base coat for the black outline, I use Oxide black, then mix with Mars Black System3 Ink. But overall the paint is great for the price point and better quality than others.

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  • Georgian Oil

    Oil paints are perfect to give washes to pieces, I thin it down to a water like liquid with Odourless Thinner. I usually use the browns and blacks for Relic pieces. One of the cheapest Oils, great pigment.

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  • 4Artist Chrome Paint Pens

    These are the best Chrome finish I have found, I usually just drip it out of the pen and brush it on.

    It is Oil based so your bush will need to be washed with a thinner.

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  • Da Vinci Hobby Brush

    Perfect for getting a smooth finish with paint, I tend to use a size 6 Flat to paint the majority of the outlines. Nice and cheap.

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  • Da Vinci Micro Nova

    Ive not been able to find a brush smaller than this, I use the size 20/0 and 15/0 for those minuscule details you just cant get with a normal brush.

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  • Fine Grain Texture Paste

    Honestly this is a god send.

    Love this stuff, it gives a subtle texture to any piece. I bung it on any Relic piece to make it look like stone and apply it to Graffiti pieces for a brick texture.

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  • Simply Odourless Thinner

    Dirt cheap does the job. Thins the oil paint and washes the Chrome Paint off brushes.

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  • Masking Fluid

    I use this mainly to create layers to the Rustic Pieces. I first sponge on the liquid to the piece, so that there is little patches, let it dry then paint a thick layer on top. Then I rub off all the masking. This has a really nice fluid liquid to it compare to most other brands.

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  • Montana Gold

    Montana is the GOAT. Colours of choice are Shock White Pure, Shock Black, Manilla Light, Chestnut Brownall and Shock Red (as red is a pain to paint). Great Pigments and great coverage.

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  • Montana Varnish

    Most Varnishes I've tried come out a bit sticky, these dont all. They prevent scratches to the model and also make it all consistent with the finish. Couple things to be aware of is the 'Matte' is basically Satin and shake really well before use otherwise it will come out dusty and white.

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  • Pebeo Chrome Paint

    Best Chrome I've found in can form.

    Seems Pebeo just have a really good chrome.

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  • Elegoo Saturn S

    I previously had the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, which worked just as well as the Saturn but had to upgrade as I could only fit around 3 EEPs per plate, now I can fit over 15.

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  • Elegoo Resin

    Works well innit.

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  • Mercury Wash and Cure

    I use to scrub every print by hand in a tub of alcohol, that took foreveeer! This was such a great investment and works a treat. You tend to use more Isopropel Alcohol.

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  • Dog Dinner Mat

    I put this down my the printer so its easier to clean up any spilled resin.

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